Wir freuen uns Euch mitteilen zu dürfen das verticalroom einen Kooperationspartner im Bereich der virtual Reality Anwendungen hat.


We create animated movies using gaming technologies.

metricminds is a unique service provider for animated content. Using the same technology that is utilized in the production of games (game engines), we create fantastic animated content for various purposes. Our main field is the production of cinematics for games, but we also create trailers and other animated content.
The company has been around since 2001, when MD Philip Weiss founded metricminds as a motion capture service studio. Since then, our team, studio and services have evolved and now cover the complete range of production steps needed to tell good stories.We have accompanied numerous game development productions which allows us to fully understand what game developers need in a professional service provider.
The state-of-the-art studio is located in Frankfurt, Germany as well as a satellite office in the Los Angeles area and is renowned for creating cutscenes, trailers, motion capture, keyframe animation, facial animation and fully finished cinematics delivered in-engine. The company currently has a core team of 25 staff. All with an in depth knowledge and passion for the games industry, combined with the talent and dedication to create the highest calibre of animated work for clients.
The friendly and international team is comprised of specialists in the games, broadcast and film industry. metricminds can offer the complete production of animated videos, in-engine cutscenes, commercials and trailers to individual services found in a cinematics production pipeline. Recent completed projects include EVOLVE, Dying Light, Batman Arkham Origins, Tarzan 3D, Star Citizen, and many more.